Saturday, September 25, 2010

6 month checkups!

Luke had a pediatrician appointment, Parents as Teachers (PAT) and neurologist within the last two weeks.  All news is great news!!  Happily, we have nothing too exciting to report.  Our PAT educator, Lori, brought a 6 month checklist and the only thing he wasn't doing was rolling over (grrr!).  Our neurologist was impressed with Luke's progress. 
The only concern everyone has is his hatred of tummy time.  The physical therapist that we saw at the neurologist visit suggested that we increase our PT time to an hour per week as opposed to every other week like it is now.  I was a little concerned about adding time because between OT and PT we have something every Tuesday night.  It's a really hard time of night to coordinate both boys and Luke is really tired.  I was hesitant to add another night on when Luke seems to be making really great progress.  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE our PT and she has limited late hours and I DO NOT want to switch therapists.  So the PT from the neurologist office suggested having our therapist go to daycare every other week which sounds like a good plan to me. 
Our therapy is coordinated through First Steps and we have our 6 month evaluation coming up. We're going to tell them about the suggestion from neurologist and see what happens!! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lots of laughter!

Just a quick update!  I took this video of Luke laughing yesterday!  I thought it was pretty funny.  He's doing SOOOOOO well!  He's sitting up for short amounts of time unassisted.  He rolled over (OK, just once but he finally did it!!!).  He's eating great, making eye contact, responding to his name, blowing raspberries and........he's just doing great.  We couldn't be more pleased!!  We have pediatrician AND neurologist coming up within the next 2 weeks - lots of positive thoughts, please!!!